Are you an overcomer of human trafficking and exploitation?

Do you have a nonprofit or business?

Our goal is to empower your business and nonprofit by brining more purpose-driven people to you, but we need your input to launch in the spring of 2024 and roll out additional features to help serve you.

We want to remove as many barriers as possible so you thrive!

Survey will take about 15 minutes and will pay $20 via Zelle, Paypal, or Venmo.


Amanda Rodriquez

As a second-generation survivor, Amanda is painfully aware of the difficulties faced while shifting one's paradigm from surviving to thriving. Yet, she is a strong believer in the innate resiliency within us all. Amanda's silver lining became her purpose when she vowed to break generational bondage and change the trajectory of future generations for herself and others.


Jack Doran

Jack is excited to support people on the journey to healing. Feeling deeply moved by the realities of human trafficking, he realized a contribution to this fight was essential. Jack believes profoundly in this work and looks to creatively harness commerce to provide the necessary resources for this fight.